Australia Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 491 Update by Nona Bains, Founder of Akkam

I am the managing director of Akkam, an immigration visa consultancy which got its presence in various cities and head office at Hyderabad. There surely are few immigration consultancies who are authorized to directly file for PR and coordinate with Australian embassy and Akkam is one of those consultancies.

We are authorized to coordinate on the behalf of the client of the government through telephone, emails and all other media that are required. Most of the consultancies file under the clients name for a particular visa subclass which clearly implies that they are not authorized.

Akkam is an offshore agent and we directly coordinate with the clients. Taking this forward I would like to discuss a new visa subclass which will come into existence from 16th November 2019 for Australia.

This subclass is called a subclass 491 which is going to replace the subclass 489. It is a provincial which is a Territory or state base nomination subclass where either a Territory or state can nominate you. If you have friends or relatives, basically relative residing in that particular province, they can nominate you.

So from 16th November 2019 we can file EOI, which is expression of interest under this particular subclass 491. The major changes that have come up in this subclass is that we can claim 50 points for the clients.

Earlier under 489 we could only claim 10 points. Claiming this 50 points will increase their score and get them faster and right. This particular visa is valid for five years.

In this five years you have to stay in that particular Territory for three years and it is called a work permit. So on work permit you must stay in the Territory for a period of three years. Once your 3 years is completed we submit your documentation with the government stating that you left and worked in that particular province. If that particular requirement is fulfilled we can directly file for your permanent residency.

Our counterparts in Australia have told us that government will extensively promote this particular visa subclass so if you have applied through us that implies your assessment is done and we can file your subclass 491 on 16th November. Therefore I would advise each one of you to contact a consultant from Akkam Overseas. You can choose any branch such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh for further process. They can guide you, assist you and analyze your profile and see whether you can go ahead and file for subclass 491.

In the end, I request everyone to subscribe my channel to stay updated with latest changes in immigration rules. I also request you to press the bell icon to get notified.

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