Nona Bains Speaks about Australia New Visa Points System Announced by the Australian Government

Hello, everyone, my name is Nona Bains. I am the managing director of Akkam Overseas. Akkam Overseas as you all know is an immigration consultancy. We are one of the very few authorized immigration consultancies of Australia. We directly deal with the government one to one, and we are also called as offshore agents. We don’t deal with the government through third parties, or we do not make email accounts for the clients who deal with the government, we deal directly under our name because we are authorized to get information one-to-one with them directly.

Today I would like to speak to you about the new GSM points system that is the latest Australian point system which is being announced, and it will get active from 16th November 2019. There have been a lot of questions and doubts in the minds of our clients, whether it will be positive or negative? How will it affect their application? The good news is that we have been getting positive feedback from the government and that it is going to be affecting your application in a positive manner because now you can claim additional points on several aspects.

Earlier you could have only claimed five points for your Australian education. Suppose you have done your masters or your PHD in Australia you could have claimed for five points, but now you can claim 10 points.

Secondly, if your spouse is a professional and you get the spousal skills assessment done, you could have claimed five points, but now you can claim 10 points. If your spouse is competent in English, you can claim five points for the competency of the English language. There is a new subclass which has come into existence, i.e. 491, and I have already discussed about it in one of my previous videos and through this subclass, you can claim 15 points while earlier you could only claim 10 points similar to subclass for 489 which is territory nomination. So there are a lot of positive aspects that come into the picture. Now you would have a question that if I am not married, then what happens? If you are not married, then we can directly claim and issue points for you. So whether you’re married, or you’re unmarried in all aspects, additional points can be claimed. Additional points imply that your score in your EOI (the Expression of Interest) goes up. If it goes up, your invites will be faster. Faster invitations implies faster visa processing. Therefore I advise you today to contact the consultancy of Akkam and get your application reviewed.

I would also request all of you to subscribe to our channel where we would be giving you latest updates about the immigration aspects of Australia, Canada, US and other countries. Also, if you wish to get notifications, you can press the bell icon given below. Thank you so much.

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