Debunking the Myth that Men are Better Entrepreneurs than Women

It is a common belief that men make better entrepreneurs than women. A study conducted by researchers from Harvard University confirms this idea.

In this research, several videos of entrepreneurs of both genders were seeking investments to a group of people. At the end of the screening, it was noticed that male participants were pitching more ideas than women entrepreneurs. This shows that men got a better chance of running a business than women in this world. 

Is this really true?

Well, it does not imply that women lack entrepreneurship skill. While Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and Steve Jobs dominate the business, there exist several successful female entrepreneurs who made their mark. For instance, women like Oprah Winfrey, Christy Walton and Martha Stewart earn millions every year.

Women from different sectors and different parts of the world are engaged in entrepreneurial endeavours. The business world is no longer confined to experienced men as many young women are doing well in a number of different industries.

Studies have already proved that women are competing with men in the business world, and they got an advantage in many areas when compared to men. For instance, according to a study conducted by the Centre of Entrepreneurship, women are better at taking risks in the business world.

This does not imply that women pick any risk that comes your way. According to the study, women got the better capability to evaluate risks. Women are better at taking the risk as they are more realistic in their approach.

 Another study conducted by researchers from Barclays and the University of Cambridge demonstrated that businesses run by women perform better than businesses run by male entrepreneurs.

 Let me share some advice a young entrepreneur might find useful:

  • Instead of bragging about the men vs women competition, try to focus your energy on your work and be productive. While it is great to be dedicated towards your work, it is also important to address other responsibilities. Remember that you are not only an entrepreneur but also a woman. 
  • Generally, women encounter more hurdles in becoming an entrepreneur than men because of the prejudices people have on gender. It is crucial to stand up against such prejudice in the workplace.
  • While the debate on the superiority never ends, make sure to promote a healthy work environment where individuals are not judged based on gender but evaluated as per their ability and merit.

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