Tips to Look Elegant At Workplace

Being a professional is not confined to possessing certain skills, but it also implies how you project yourself at your office. Getting dressed for work can be a tough job if you are not sure how to portray your personality without taking the focus off your work. 

You may not believe it, but the way you appear plays a crucial role in your performance and confidence at work. These days, casual wear is turning more popular, and it can be difficult to understand the rules of the dress code. Being into the fashion industry helped me to pick the right outfits for my workplace. I hope my tips will provide an insight.

  • It might sound a cliché to you, but you need to pick only those clothes which a perfect fit. An oversized or small outfit surely grabs the attention of others but for wrong reasons. A proper fit gives you a perfect appearance.
  • You don’t want anyone staring with an expression of annoyance as you adjust your glasses. Avoid wearing glasses which slide down your nose when you are engaged in your work
  • Never arrive at the office with wet hair as it conveys that you are not taking your job seriously although you work diligently every day.
  • Personal things in the purse are meant to be used not to be displayed. Don’t let the things in your bag or purse to peek outside and thus letting others have a glance.
  • Keep a check on body odour. You may use perfume or cologne but make sure it is mild. Strong perfume can literally repel the people around you.
  • Shoes are the first thing anyone notices about you. Make sure they are regularly polished to have a flawless look.
  • Pick a watch which compliments your attire and works environment. A watch with a minimalist design has always been my most preferred option.
  • Darker colour clothes make a strong impression and project authority. While giving a presentation, ensure that the colour of your outfit never blends with the background.
  • Neon and flashy clothes are never appropriate for office wear as they can be distracting and make you look desperate for attention.
  • Never wear too many accessories unless you are an astrologer with a ring on every finger. Accessories are made to complement your dress, not overshadow it.
  • Can anyone really focus on work when gaudy bangles make noise? No, right? So it is important to avoid wearing any heavy jewellery.
  • If you are wearing open-toed shoes, make sure you undergo pedicure to flaunt your toes.

A touch of elegance to your outfit can really enhance your appearance.

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