Simple Hacks to Hone Your Conversational Skills

Conversation is a wonderful opportunity to make an impact on people, connect with new people, know others with similar interest or ignite the spark of connection. It should be natural, and words need to flow effortlessly. It is better to focus more on connecting with the other individual instead of worrying about other trivial aspects.

Well, it sounds like hell for some people. If you are the one who finds stressed out during conversation instead of enjoying it, I am here to help!

Whether it is your professional or personal life, it is crucial to make stronger connections through effective conversation. The tips mentioned below worked for me, and I hope it will be helpful to you!

Speak With Absolute Clarity

Choose the easiest words to give clarity to the listener. It is important to take ample time while speaking so that it can easily be understood. Pop-culture reference, slang and jargon hamper your clarity, so it is crucial to avoid them. You should be able to justify what you speak.

How to do it?

Ask your friend or colleague to give a random topic and start speaking about it for 20 to 30 seconds without a pause. It does not matter what you say. Once you have finished, you should be able to express it more clearly on a paper. If you struggle to put it down on a paper, then you need to work more. Every time you accept this challenge, you get better.

Maintain Flow

Did you ever notice how the water runs around big rocks and passes with ease in the crevices? Well, there surely is a lesson to learn from a river which is to maintain a flow in your speech.
There are two things you need to be careful while you speak:
• Pace
• Pause

The pace of speech should neither be fast or too slow. It should be moderate so that the listener can easily understand.

Pause between two sentences is as important as the pace. It gives you time to think and frame your sentence with appropriate words to produce a good impact.

Always pick Mastery topics

These are the topics which make you passionate. Whenever you speak about such topics, you exhibit confidence, and this makes the listener feel excited. Let’s suppose you are interested in travel or cooking; you need to worry about the flow as you will eventually enjoy the conversation. The pleasure you experience in expressing your ideas will surely resonate with the listener.

How to find out the topics which you can speak endlessly?

Here is a simple questionnaire.
• What do you spend your money on?
• What makes you stay engaged in your leisure time?
• What comes to your mind apart from routine?

Is it reading books, binge-watching TV show, travelling, meeting new people or a start-up?
Take a moment to think about your daily conversations, notice the topic which is interesting. Later, try to enhance it with sub-topics.

For example, a mere statement that you love cooking makes little sense. Try to justify it. When the first time you discovered that cooking was fun? What makes you go for cooking? How do you feel every time you cook? Do you wish to make it your full-time career? This inevitably brings life to your conversation, and the listener finds it interesting with similar responses. Thus you will find your flow!

Find your style

It does not matter what type of content comes out of your mouth. The charm is to express it in a more appealing way. Maintain a steady volume of your speech to make it sound soothing. Make the best use of body gestures to add beauty to your language.


Although I have suggested some tips, things don’t work out unless you make a sincere effort. Let me know if this info is helpful through your comments below!

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