How You can Overcome Self-Doubt

Everyone experience self-doubt at some point of life, but if left unchecked, it can hamper your personal and professional life. Self-doubt can be the biggest hurdle to achieve our goals as it makes us believe that we don’t deserve a better quality of life and things we wish to get. We eventually end up comparing ourselves with others.

So how to make sure that self-doubt never leads us to self-harm and decrease in self-confidence? Below are a few tips to make sure you can surmount self-doubt!

In layman’s terms, you are overwhelmed with self-doubt when you don’t believe in your abilities. It starts with a tiny failure which sticks in your mind and gradually decreases your confidence. You are stuck on it and refuse to move forward. It eventually prevents you from making the best use of opportunities in your life.

So how to overcome self-doubt?

Keep track of your success to build confidence

Self-doubt gradually fades as confidence gets stronger. However, boosting your confidence when you struggle with self-doubt can be a difficult task. Keep track of your success every day. Before you go to sleep, make a note of little achievement you had during your day. Although the size of your achievement does not matter, it is crucial to realize the progress you are making as days pass by.

Success can be as simple as spending quality time with family, paying the bill on time or going to work despite heavy rain or traffic. Continue this habit, and you can witness a gradual growth in your confidence. Thus your self-doubt disappears as it is replaced by strong faith and confidence.

Find someone to express your problem

Seek the help of a professional. It might sound a little weird for many people, but it will be worth it. There is a stigma that revolves around mental health issues. However, ignoring the problem never makes it disappear and in fact, makes it stronger.

When you receive the help you need, you can welcome any challenge in life and live the life you want. A professional can assist you to trust yourself and work on the core of the problem.

Try to stay away from toxic people

The last thing you should be doing when you struggle with self-doubt is to let negative people pull you down. Make sure you don’t hang out with people who always see the pessimistic side of life. Instead, strive to seek the company of optimistic people. The positivity is always contagious, and you can instantly witness good things to happen around you.

If you got an idea you want to execute, then make sure to avoid sharing with people who point out many problems. They got no clue about which thing works, and they constantly try to bring you down. There are high chances that they too might be suffering from self-doubt. Thus make sure to choose people who encourage you and believe in you to make progress in your life.

Let Go Of Your Past

If you struggle with self-doubt, it might be due to failure in the past. Remember that you are not alone. Everyone goes through such a phase where it is hard to let go of the past. If you have a glance at the most successful people in our world, you can notice that they too had gone through several failures before they got success. This never stops them from moving forward and instead they accept it as stepping stones for success.

Your past may be a part of your life, but they are lessons to learn, not a prison for you. You might have failed in the past, but it is time to forgive yourself and take a step forward.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Each individual is quite different with distinct skills. Everyone got a specific talent to make this world a better place. So stop doubting your potential and stay away from comparison game with others.

No matter how good you are, there is always someone who is better than you. That never implies that you are not good enough. Although there is a tiny number of people who carry the “best” title, it is for a short time until someone else comes and steals it away.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, it is wise to realise your skills which makes you a unique person.

You can ask the following questions to yourself.

What makes you stay engaged without keeping track of time?

What makes you happy?

After you discover your true potential, try to spend time to enhance your skill. This will help you to stay away from worries.

With a sincere effort and vigilance over your thought process, you can finally overcome your self-doubt and boost your confidence.

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