Put an End to Procrastination

Do you know that Alexander the Great associates his impeccable military success to his habit of never postponing any task even if it is a trivial one? Well, conquering the world may not be in your to-do list, but it is not healthy to procrastinate.

Although procrastination might look subtle, but it can control your life. If you strive to develop new habits with few changes in your perspective, you can stop procrastination with ease.

How can procrastination cause harm to your life? 

You are overwhelmed with shame and guilt when the deadline gradually approaches you. Evading your responsibilities until the last moment can cause harm to your mental health and career.  

People who are productive got a clear idea about the tasks which need to be completed without much delay. They work hard to accomplish those tasks in a systematic order with the help of tools and strict routines.

They are also good at time management and minimise the time wasted on worrying over trivial matters. Non-procrastinators might not enjoy doing everything on their to-do lists, but they have finally realised that getting things done without any delays gives satisfaction to them.

Below are a few tricks you can include in your life to meet your deadline 

Maintain a daily routine:

Get a clear idea of what tasks need your attention and find the perfect order in which you need to complete them. Small tasks such as cleaning and preparing your lunch will surely save up your valuable time to use it for more urgent tasks. When you follow a strict routine, you get no time for procrastinating tasks.

Aim for smaller tasks

Tackle procrastination on a smaller level. It takes less time to check your mail and sort it out by eliminating junk mails. After you are done with these tiny tasks, there will be a chunk of mail waiting for you to make things work. 

Break bigger tasks into tiny ones

You are overwhelmed with procrastination when a certain project feels too intimidating. Let’s say you have to prepare for a presentation. Instead of planning everything on one day, try to plan each slide on a specific day to avoid the last-minute rush.

Reward Yourself

Make a promise to yourself that if you successfully complete your work within a time frame, then you can have some fun. You may also pick alternate hours of work and fun time. Buy your favourite meal or drink as a reward for completing the work as planned. 

You need to be honest with yourself and strive hard to stick with the schedule else you will have only results with little progress.

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